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    2019 Summer Dutch 4v4

    BASIC IDEAS OF THE DUTCH VISION ARE: Total enjoyment from soccer When players are motivated practicing their sport, they'll learn more from it, and therefore become a better soccer player. So our aim is to get as much pleasure from soccer as possible. From soccer training the most enjoyment can be gained in situations where players can score as much as possible and also have to defend. On a full size pitch children don't have enough touches on the ball and therefore don't learn enough.

    Characteristics of the Dutch 4v4:
    - All participants play at the same time.
    - Easy to organize.
    - Each player has different teammates for four separate matches.
    - Games are 10-12 minutes long, using small goals.
    - Players have to decide their positions amongst themselves.
    - Players keep track of the scores themselves.
    - There is no referee.
    - Children control the rules themselves.

    2019 Summer Dutch 4v4