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Player's Leadership Council


(Application closes July 10)

Program Outcome

To create an environment where players can discuss their experience at Delaware Union and be a voice for other players in the club. This will also create leadership opportunities for players which will help in developing the psychological pillar of the game.

  • Application Process - $10 - CLICK HERE for payment
  • U13 and older (for the 22/23 Cohort this would be 2010-2005 players)
  • U12 Zone 1 Delegates (for the 22/23 Cohort this would be 2011 players)
  • Potential for players in the council to facilitate leadership development/workshops to other players in the club
  • Proposed Positions/Roles


  1. President

    1. Oversee the program, having constant contact with other members of the council

    2. Attending Board Meetings

  2. Secretary/Communications

    1. Taking notes at meetings

    2. Draft Weekly emails with recap

    3. Club Newsletter or Weekly Update

    4. Social Media Feedback

  3. Futures Coaches Program & Future Coaches Discovery Program

    1. Recruiting Coaches

    2. Find community leaders to come in to speak to Future Coaches

    3. EOY Party

  4. Safesport Liaison

    1. Gather feedback from players on mental health, nutrition and physical topics 

  5. Grassroots Referee Program

    1. Recruiting Referees

    2. Speak at Rec Coaches Meeting

  6. College Pathway Program

    1. Gather feedback from players on college tours and tournaments

  7. Diversity & Inclusion

    1. Find diverse community leaders to come in and talk to players

  8. Community Outreach

    1. Creating Community Outreach opportunities (fundraisers, Friday night Futsal)

    2. Setting up School Events and creating school outreach

  9. Boys Representative

    1. Communicates with all Boys teams and gathers feedback

  10. Girls Representative

    1. Communicates with all Girls teams and gathers feedback

  11. 2 U12 Delegates

    1. Participate in the program and help across multiple spaces